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Special displays 2018

Every year we pay special attention to a particular topic out of the oldtimer universe.

2018 our visitors expect two different extra shows. The Classic Expo celebrates "70 Years of Porsche" and "110 Years of Carlo Abarth". Herewith we would like to commemorate the two remarkable stories, these great names wrote.

Porsche & Carlo Abarth

70 Years of Porsche

In the summer of 1944, on the advice of the German High Command, Professor Dr. Ferdinand Porsche purchased the grounds and buildings of a sawmill in the Carinthian town of Gmünd, since there were plans to move the manufacturing plant based in Stuttgart to Austria for safety purposes.

In 1945 his son, Ferry, became chief executive of the company known as ‘Porsche Konstruktionen GmbH’ founded in Gmünd. Ferry Porsche drafted and constructed the first vehicle to bear the famous family name. On the 8th June 1948, approximately one year after construction had begun, the first car was sent out for trials under the name ‘Porsche 356 Roadster’.

Just one month later, Herbert Kaes (Ing.) one of Dr. Porsche’s two nephews, entered the first Porsche 356 in the city race in Innsbruck – and won! The Porsche legend was born.

By the end of 1950, around three hundred employees had manufactured forty-four coupés and eight cabriolets. In March 1951, the Austrian-established Porsche Konstruktionen GmbH relocated to Stuttgart.

© Anneliese Abarth

110 Years of Abarth

Karl Abarth was born a Scorpio on the 15th November 1908 in Vienna, and subsequently made his sign of the zodiac famous all over the automotive world.

Karl’s apprenticeship as a motorcycle mechanic and his early participation in motorbike races formed the cornerstone of a magnificent career in motor sports. In 1928 he established his own motorcycle racing team and ultimately switched to sidecar racing. His greatest triumph in this period was the victory against the ‘Orient Express’ on a self-manufactured ride.

Later, in 1949 ‘Abarth’ was founded in Bologna. Soon after, he took over the Cisitalia company, previously owned by the industrialist, Piero Dusio, and developed it into ‘Squadra Carlo Abarth’. Alongside the racing team, which produced a number of excellent drivers, and the development of a range of racing and sports accessories, Abarth was also extremely successful in the construction of sports and racing cars. Carlo Abarth (previously Karl) achieved countless records and triumphs down the years.

Carlo Abarth was a marvellous racing driver, an ingenious constructor and an outstanding businessman. He died on the 24th October 1979, under the sign under which he had been born – the scorpion – which still adorns his automobiles to this day.