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Safety at the Classic Expo Salzburg

As the organiser, we are particularly keen to create real highlights for the visitors and business-generating interactions for the exhibitors through our fairs and events. Of course with a lot of responsibility and care.

Please find below the rules for all exhibitors of Classic Expo Salzburg:

  • According to the current Covid-19 regulation (Covid-19-MV), all visitors and participants are required to wear a mask. This also applies to you and your stand personnel.
  • The legal minimum distance of 1 meter must be kept at all times to people from outside your household, even on your stand.
  • Avoid shaking hands and other physical contact and pay attention to hand hygiene: Wash your hands regularly for at least 30 seconds and/or disinfect them.
  • Pay attention to the cough and sneeze etiquette: cough / sneeze into the crook of your arm or a handkerchief.
  • Do not come to the fair if you show any symptoms of illness, especially those typical of Covid-19 disease: dry cough, fever, loss of sense of taste/smell.
  • Persons who have been in a risk area during the 14 days before the start of the fair or who knowingly had contact with a Covid-19 positive person are not permitted to enter the fair grounds.
  • Food may only be served in compliance with the gastronomy rules according to Covid-19-MV. This means, among other things, that consumption may not take place in the serving area and will only be possible while seated and in compliance with the minimum distance. Please refrain from serving finger foods such as nuts, sweet pastries etc.
  • We are officially obliged to record the complete contact details of all the participants at Classic Expo Salzburg and, if necessary, to forward them to the health authorities. This also affects you as an exhibitor and your stand personnel. When entering data for exhibitor passes, please provide the private address and at least one form of contact (e-mail address, mobile phone number or landline) of each employee. The data will only be passed on to the health authorities in compliance with GDPR if necessary and will be irrevocably deleted after 28 days at the latest.


In addition, you will find all infrastructural measures below:

  • Wide aisles between the exhibitor areas
  • Single lane system in the entrance and exit area with marking and signage system for waiting positions
  • Maximum fresh air supply in all exhibition halls
  • Cleaning and disinfection at frequent intervals for all sanitary facilities and contact surfaces
  • Contactless soap and disinfectant dispensers in the sanitary facilities

With attentiveness and care, the Classic Expo Salzburg 2020 will be diverse, successful and full of wonderful experiences for all participants! We are looking forward to it.